Sunday, 28 September 2014

What is Life ???

What is Life ???

Life is finding happiness in happiness of your near and dear ones.

Life is going to your sister's home from the other end of the city with a cake to wish a surprise birthday at 12 am, find a lock hanging on the door and then having a great laugh at yourself.

Life is when that one stupid friend of yours always asks you - "Bhabhiji kaisi hain ?" even when he knows that you are single.

Life is playing Uno with your sister, 20 years younger to you, and watching that laugh on her face after giving you a +4.

Life is watching 'Namaste London' or 'Jab We Met' uncountable number of times.

Life is riding your bike on the highway with your friends at 2 am.

Life is when you listen to a song and remember someone, a smile comes to your face, the next second, you are sad and moments later, you mature !!!

Life is when you plan a bike trip to Sinhagad fort but go to Kaas plateau instead with your friends.

Life is seeing your parents feel proud of you in tiniest of your achievements.

Life is in having 'tikki-chaat' outside your school after several years.

Life is in forgiving and forgetting old grudges and moving on. Its never too late!!!

Life is when your friends refer Lamborghini Gallardo as your car.

Life is being compared to one of your favorite authors.

Life is doing all those crazy stuff  you are afraid  to do but you still do coz your heart wants to do it with the song on your mind - 
'khud pe bharosa hai, khud pe yakeen hai, 
kar lenge kaam chahe jitna sangeen hai'.

Life is when people trust you and look forward to you for anything.

Life is when you have 2 reservations in the train but you keep all the luggage in one and adjust in one seat with your friend coz you are used to it and love it.

Life is when you have that one friend who plays NFS Most Wanted way better than you but when you defeat him in a race by some luck, you go Gung Ho about it for a week.

Life is not about big wonders, but its about happiness in all those little things which you love and care about and the stupid, crazy things you do with your family and friends.