Sunday, 31 July 2016

Out of this world!!!

What a different feeling it is when you feel out of this world! When you feel above your capabilities, when it is difficult to explain whether you are feeling good or bad, when the whole world is revolving around you and you can't think straight, you get out of this world feeling. Why the hell are these lights flickering so much, a pain in the ass, sorry eyes. 

I have been socially awkward my whole life, right from my childhood. I always felt out of place when I had to go to a marriage or someone's home for a function. The only social gathering I ever loved during my school days were birthday celebrations. I even felt out of place when friends would gather together for new year celebration and dance till the countdown began. Those were the times when I didn't like the company of even those close friends with whom I lived and enjoyed every day. I never would have thought that this social anxiety would not leave me even after college. Why the hell are all these people jumping and hopping so much. What the hell is the occassion to dance so much, its just the company's annual party. 

The matters became even worse after college. Earlier it was awkward in front of friends I knew, now it was with people I didn't even know that well. May be this society does not belong to me or I don't belong to this society. Funny thing is everytime I promise myself I won't get into this situation again but yaay, here I am, again! Why the hell are these people trying to pull me to the crowd. How many times do I have to remind them of the song - "Rakesh can't dance saala!", perhaps the only thing I can't do. Manchanda, are you listening, Rakesh can't do everything. 

The floor is really dancing, I think that's why it is called the dance floor. Ohh, now the room has also started spinning. DJ wale babu, mujhe dance floor se utarne do, dance floor se utarne do, dance floor se utarne do. Where the hell has my sofa gone where I was peacefully enjoying the cheeseballs. Why the hell am I writing all this, hey wait, why the hell am I saying 'hell' so many times. Am I drunk? No way, I don't drink. I am just feeling out of this world!!!