Wednesday, 18 June 2014

A new story . . .

Every story has a beginning
and a magical end,
I am stuck on chapter one,
unable to proceed, my friend

Every now and then I see
a part of you I have never seen,
Your thoughts take me somewhere
far away, I have never been.

Your smile is worth zillions,
your kohled eyes speak lot more,
The beauty lies in your heart,
now, how can anyone ignore.

I try to talk to you but I can't
coz my soul turns to steel,
This happens every now and then
when I try to tell you how I feel.

I should have brought you a rose
instead of chocolates from my stipend,
but I was afraid in my little heart
there is no substitute for you, my friend.

Rains come and go, showering me
with a few memories and yearning,
holding your hand, on a long road
on a new journey, distances burning.

Every story has a beginning 
  and a magical end . . .