Thursday, 24 January 2013

Every Girl is Ordinary . . .

Every Girl is Ordinary . . .

Hey girls,
lf you don't mind, l'll tell you a thing.

Every girl in this world is ordinary!
You look extraordinary because of our craze, else you are ordinary. We look with eyes shadowed by love, so you look wonderful. We look at you with desire and you look marvelous.

Somebody writes a song and we think it is about you. Just a layer of kohl on your eyes can melt us. We are happy seeing a flash of your waist. We can do anything just to get your one glimpse if we like you. Even a small smile is enough and we go on a hunt to find a place to build our Taj Mahal.

Now tell me one thing . . .
What is the connection between girls and sea waves? What is the link between you and moon? ls your laugh like moonlight? Can you really force the rain-god to shower by your dance?
lt's pure madness.

Basically boys are born poets, else no girl is extraordinary!

But one most important thing you got to know is...
Boys like ordinary girls. Being an extraordinary girl is to remain ordinary. The more you are ordinary, the more you are beautiful, the more you become desirable.

So my dear girls, simply be yourself and we boys will keep falling for you anyways.

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  1. hmmm, this tym i would disagree a lot...

    but its to short to contradict even... :P