Monday, 14 July 2014

I Love You . . .

I Love You . . .

I Love You !!!
3 magical words which can change your life completely. It brings a new found energy, motivation and happiness to your life. Your whole view-point of life changes. Life itself seems to have flipped in an instant seeking new dimentions. I love you means that you have high importance in my life. I love you means no one can take your place ever. I love you means you are too special for me. Thats it and as the saying goes - " Love makes Life Beautiful ! "

I Love You !
3 magical words which can even leave a person's life entirely empty. You start thinking about your 'love' 24 x 7, you link everything with your 'love' even when you know it won't lead you anywhere. I love you doesn't mean that I want to interfere in your life. I love you doesn't mean that you owe me anything. I love you doesn't mean you have to love me back. I am not a salesman to convince you for loving me. I love you simply means I love you. 

इसके बिना --
लाइफ सही है, 
टेंशन नहीं है. 

शायद इसीलिए कहते हैं यारों --
कभी इश्क़ ना करियो काके,
दिल की बात ना सुनियो काके।

I love you !
There is love in every relationship - parents, brother, sister, uncle, aunt and friendship too. You love your near and dear ones - that's why that relationship exists. There is love in those arguements, there is love in those small fights, there is love in family gatherings, there is love in festivals, there is love in those unnecessary parties, there is love in making fun of each other, there is love in just sitting close by, there is love in those warm hugs, there is love in the worries, there is love in the future planning, there is love in the pranks and the list is just endless. There is love in almost everything in this world, we just need the eyes to see them as is rightly said - "Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder". 

I love you might be the smallest phrase to have so much hidden meaning inside it. So, go on - spread love and happiness around you. The world needs it. Above all, you need it !!!

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