Sunday, 18 April 2010



So what is love ?

Its funny I used to think that there is nothing called love in this world.
Its just the crap shown in movies and nothing of such sort happens in the real world.
Basically I was such an idiot.

But lately I have been seeing it differently.

Now I think that love is about finding that one person you really care about.
That one special person that means more to you than anyone else in the world.
And when you find her, you go for her, you risk it all.
You put her in front of everything – your future, your life – all of it.
And maybe she doesn’t even love you.
You know it doesn’t matter.
Bcoz in your heart you know that her happiness is worth everything.

That’s what love is all about.


  1. wl....up2 sm extent i agree bt love is nothing....
    i will nt agree

  2. well being my 1st blog, i thought to start by a topic which is important to everyone in their lives - " LOVE ". So, this is it. Hope you like it!
    - Rakesh.moody

  3. jane kyun log pyar karte hain?

  4. mahaan wachan BABA Rakesh k......
    anya prawachano k liye dekhiye.....
    "ASTHA TV...subah 7:00 baje",......
    nice work BABA.....

  5. Astha TV k liye TV aur light chahiye . . .
    Just dial +919997278714 from anywhere, anytime and live pravachan ka anand uthaiye. . .

    Jan-kalyan k liye hum sada taiyar baithe hain ! :-)

  6. ye jab hi likh sakte hain, jab kisi ko pyaar hua ho...........
    ye unhe hi padhana jisne kabhi pyaar kiya ho....
    maan gaye bhai..........