Sunday, 27 February 2011

I **** ***

I **** ***

Who am I – just a nobody
What do I want in life – a special somebody
Who loves me, who cares for me always
Who stays with me nights and days.

I wonder what it would feel like
To have in life, someone so special
But when it comes to spend my life
I think of only you – be it ‘aaj’ or ‘kal’.

Without you, everything is so dull
It seems to me that the whole world is null
I hope everyone will forgive me for this
If you are with me, nothing I am gonna miss.

Life is so long but I don’t need anyone else
I can’t see anyone else anymore
I just hope that someday you’ll realize
My love for you was true, unconditional and pure.

I left you, I went away from your life
But you have not left me alone
Even today, when I close my eyes
Your beautiful, smiling face is shown.

I wish you all the happiness ahead
“Enjoy your life fully!” – I wanna say
And that’s all from my side for now
Till next blog – Have a nice day! :-)

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