Wednesday, 26 December 2012

The most fascinating person I've never met

The most fascinating person I've never met

Had it been 'ever' instead of 'never' in the title, it would have been much easier for me as I wouldn't have much choice other than my childhood love, the first friend of my life and my real life hero, my father (although choosing between both of them is also quite difficult).

Anyways, hearing of the title, the first name which came to my mind was my childhood hero, the GOD of cricket, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. I know that no one outside my home knows that I have always been a die-hard Sachin fan. Ever since I have enjoyed watching cricket, my heart praises only him. I have always adored his intensity, attitude and his passion towards the game and the country.

The 2nd name to come in my mind was the person I idolize, Dr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam. He has been a source of inspiration to millions of people in the country including me from my school days. His vision and spirit help me in self-motivation.

The 3rd name to think of was Bill Gates, who brought people close to computers or vice versa. From the initial days of my school when I just started using computers, I have dreamt of meeting him and being a part of Microsoft. (It doesn't matter much now as he is not heading it anymore)

While I was thinking of names like Michael Schumacher, Ratan Tata, Bhagat Singh and many more who are my favorites and have motivated me all my life, I was becoming sure of one thing that they have just been a source of inspiration and although I adore them, I have never wanted to be another copy of them.

So, whom am I actually fascinated with and before that, what am I really fascinated with ???
I am not after name and fame, rather I dream of a person who is adventure loving, listens to his heart, prioritizes his family and friends before everything, can do stupidest things without hesitation and above all, knows the art of making his life happy and beautiful along with people around him.

I think I know such a person but I would prefer he should not be named along with the above names and it is my bad luck/good luck that I can't even meet him ever.


  1. Sleepy keep up the good work. I personally think you can be good at writing humorous stories.... try that next time