Thursday, 7 March 2013

I, Me aur Main

I, Me aur Main

No, I am not writing this motivated by some stupid movie. Its mere coincidence that I found this title suitable for my blog. So, what am I up to today. I just want to admit that I am tooooo selfish.

When I send you SMSs, I just wish to be remembered. When I like your posts and pics on facebook, I wanna be liked. When I call you to know about you, my soul aim is to be in your thoughts. In fact, as you have already seen, I have posted my blog in facebook and Google+ for you to visit. May be I fear too much of being lost in the crowd, becoming a mere spectator watching out from an old album. Its not that I am too social or friendly or something. Rather I am avoiding many people these days but yes, the only reason why I am still active on facebook is just to be in touch with you.

I might be a little insecure in thinking people will forget me in due course of time but am I wrong??? Thats the way most of us(me included. I am not an exception) are these days. You don't call, SMS or ping a person for 1-2 months and pooof!!! you are out of his/her life. Just like snapping of your fingers. Wow, thats quick, quicker than even my thoughts. But, I wish to be a part of your life, even a small part would do. My selfish self-esteem is again not caring for any of your feelings or whatever you might think about me but I want my happiness to prevail throughout my life and that my friend, can't be complete without you.

I remember a few lines by a very 'mahaan vyakti' quite apt for my blog -

Duniya ye badi sayani hai
ajab yahan ki kahani hai
har dil yahan adhoora hai
aur chahta hona poora hai
par jaane kahan atakta hai
kis raah pe ye bhatakta hai
meethe bas do vachan to bolo 
aankhon ke pardon ko kholo
khuli aankhon se jahan hai sundar
band aankhon se kaala saaya
rone se hai kuchh nahi milta
tumne kya khoya, kya paaya
paana hardam nahi jaroori
na jane hai kaisi majboori
masti me chahein rehna choor
par sangi-sathi se hi hain door
manjil to mila par raha main akela
chhoota jane kab khushiyon ka mela
har din ko naya banate dost
har pal me khushi dilate 'most'
doston ki dosti, hamein
jaan se bhi pyari hai
duniya ke rishton se badhkar
ae yaar, ye teri yaari hai . . .

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