Monday, 26 August 2013

Life vs Death

Life vs Death

Life and Death - what a deadly combo!!!
Recently, one of my friends told me that he wanted to do suicide and finish his torturous, almost hell like life as he couldn't bear the frustrations anymore. Although I know that he didn't have the slightest guts to do that but it made me wonder that how could anyone be so hopeless from himself to even think of leaving this magnificent world?

This made me wonder that why do people even think of ending their life. May be bcoz we humans have this tendency of giving importance to negative thoughts more than the positive ones. Whatever be the situation, we spend more time searching for flaws and their solution rather than focusing on the merits and it might be that people think dying is a lot easier and quicker solution to their misfortune but I am still unable to understand that how can we justify death as a solution to end all our miseries. Are we really so helpless that we can’t handle our situation and its over-mounting stress.

I tried to figure out the reasons of people doing suicide. The first reason coming to my mind is when people(you might have read about farmers of many states in India) have absolutely no hope of improving their situation and can't bear to see their loved ones' pain, they choose to end their life rather than seeing their family suffer. Rightly said by Friedrich Nietzsche - "Hope in reality is the worst of all evils because it prolongs the torments of man." One case is when students commit suicide after failing in exams. This is one of the most avoidable situations. Youth should not be pressurized so much for performing out of their scope that they lose their self-confidence and choose the path of utmost failure and hopelessness. Failure is not the end of the world. Rather, it should be the stepping stone of a new beginning. We should give them hope of a beautiful tomorrow coz "Hope is tomorrow's veneer over today's disappointment." Hope is important because it can make the present moment less difficult to bear. 

Then, one of the reasons of suicide is failure in love. I think it is the most stupid and irresponsible decisions made by people who have absolutely no sense of logic. Does life stop due to departure of anyone from our life? My suggestion to such people would be to be logical and stop living in their past. Once you realize the past is only a story, it has no power over you and you can move forward to a new future. Let me share 4 lines of someone close to my heart – 

har dil me kisi ke liye dua hoti hai                       हर दिल में किसी के लिए दुआ होती है 
har dard me koi chhupa baitha hai                     हर दर्द में कोई छुपा बैठा है 
dil ka dard karein bayaan kaise                            दिल का दर्द करें बयान कैसे 
jab dard se hi ishq hone laga hai                          जब दर्द से ही इश्क होने लगा है 

My dear friends, it might look poetic and be your own situation but believe me, its absolute filmy bullshit and although it might not feel that easy, but the path to happiness is quite simple - "Just forget the past and move on". Let me quote a few lines from one of my own blogs - "Life is not about crying – it is about living eachday as a new beginning, giving your best shot, enjoying each & every momentfully and celebrating & sharing your happiness with your near & dear ones. It is important what you want in life, but it is more important what you have in life.Your life is in your hands. Lead it, don't follow it."

At the end, I just want to say what is written on the top of this blog and what I believe from the bottom of my heart - "Life is very beautiful. Enjoy it to the fullest and Have a nice day! :-)"

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