Monday, 23 March 2015



Dreams are something which we see while sleeping. Sometimes, we remember our dreams after waking, while most of the times, we don't. Sometimes our dreams are pleasant and a few times, we wake in up in the middle of the night horrified by our own imagination. Some people see their loved ones in their dreams, some see the opposite and avenge their counterparts in their dreams. A few special ones see their past or future in their dreams. Some very talented ones mould their dreams to win a lottery(Just kidding, took a stupid example from a movie). A few of us even day-dream of becoming a millionaire from just a pack of eggs. Whatever be the case, there is definitely a little significance in our dreams.

I had a very interesting concept about dreams in my childhood which might be true(at least for me) - 'We dream what we want to be or do in our lives and what our conscious knows we can never ever do in real'. In my school days(may be inspired my some movie), I would dream of being a hero beating the bad guys, saving the world almost everyday. When I grew up a little, I started dreaming about roaming around the world, visiting exotic locations driving my red Ferrari. This might be the reason I still love going to new places and my childhood crush for Ferrari and love for red colour is not hidden from anyone. A few years earlier, I would dream often of sitting with someone on a beach, sipping coffee, watching out the ocean and enjoying the calmness around us although I could never make out who I was sitting with as I always saw this from behind. Then, I stopped seeing any dream since last 3-4 years.

सपने और हकीकत में सिर्फ पलक खुलने और बंद होने का फर्क होता है . . . पलक बंद तो सपना, खुली तो हकीकत। Dreams definitely have a greater significance. They allow us to believe in ourself and to go for what we want in life. We have to dream before our dreams can come true. A wise man once said that a man makes his own luck but the greatness starts with a small dream. You strive hard to fulfill your dreams, face all the roadblocks with confidence, stumble but don't give up, you fight back with all your might and finally reach your ultimate destination. As rightly said by my idol, Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam - 'Dream is not that what you see in sleep. Dream is the thing which doesn't allow you to sleep.'

'Dream, Dream, Dream!
Dreams transform into thoughts 
And thoughts result in action.'
 - Dr. A. P. J Abdul Kalam

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