Friday, 18 September 2015

Marriage-warriage - haay, tauba!!!

Late 20s is a very difficult age for all the youngsters in India. We are working for a while now and are either settled in our jobs or are looking for others options in life. This is the age of proving our self, achieving our goals, gaining absolute freedom, adventures, new beginnings and heartaches. But then, a more powerful weapon exists in the world. Out of nowhere, all of a sudden, a sword is hanging above you - the sword of Marriage! 

You spend a few years out of college and your parents start to tell you - "This is the right age for marriage. So many matches are coming, why don't you, at least, start looking." Your parents, brothers, sisters, relatives, neighbors, neighbor's relatives, your married friends, your unmarried friends, your friend's friends, office colleagues, your landlord, basically, the whole world has just one question for you - "When are you planning to get married?" I just don't understand the whole world's obsession with marriage. Sab hath dho ke meri shaadi ke peechhe kyun pade ho yaar? Just chill, have fun in your life and let me have my share.

I agree marriages are a fun time in India. This is the time when your friends start getting married, you attend their marriage and make sure that they regret their decision. You have a reunion in marriages and enjoy life far from all other tensions remembering the good old days and ogling at pretty girls. You also hear the news of marriages of your exes and crushes and have heartbreaks. With the fun, you also get to hear the taunts from your parents - "ab to tere iss dost ki bhi shadi ho gayi, tu bhi kyun nahi kar leta." I just don't get their worry or hurry. May be this is the so called 'generation gap'.

So, what do I really want. Bas thodi aazaadi aur chahiye, thoda adventure aur karna hai, thodi door aur akele chalna hai, thoda aur khud se rubaroo hona hai, fir shayad I will allow someone to enter my life. To gaon walon, thoda intejar aur karo. You never know kab main apni Basanti ke liye tanki pe chadh jaunga. Till then, I am happily single and not yet ready to mingle!!!

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