Monday, 8 February 2016

Story of a stalker

Everyone's minds have some deep secrets hidden deep inside several locks. Today, I open my gates for everyone. Hello common folks, you are most welcome inside my brain. Let me show you some deep hidden rooms of my gorgeous mind-villa. 

It all started with her. She was standing next to the History section in Crossword, browsing through some ancient stuff. It was not 'love at first sight', rather I totally ignored her but she had this killer smile which caught my attention for the first time. Next day, I saw her again in the mall standing in the next line of movie tickets engrossed deeply in her mobile. I couldn't take my gaze away from her innocent face. She looked up, her kohl lined eyes met mine and she gave her mesmerizing smile. A week later, I ran into her in my building's lift. Both of us smiled and acknowledged our 3 encounters within a week. The serenity in her face suited her name - Reena.

Her friend lived in the flat next to mine and I have lost track of how many times I would have thanked her friend in my mind for being sick. She had typhoid and was in bed rest for 2 weeks. Reena used to visit her friend daily at 7pm after her office and I made sure that I run into her in the lift. I was not in love, I just liked her company and i didn't want to miss that smile. A month later, I saw her at the coffee shop right across my office. I couldn't resist myself and sat on the next table. She was waiting for her friend and I was waiting for mine(that's what I told her). Our friends didn't show up and we ended up chatting for an hour sitting on different tables.

Next weekend, we went on a shopping date as her friends were out of town. It was a lovely July morning with a little drizzling making it awesome for being out of the rooms. We went to Phoenix mall, did some shopping, had lunch, watched a movie and enjoyed bowling without realizing how the day passed. I think I had started to love her. Next weekend, I gave her a small teddy which said 'I Love You' and her smile made me think the feeling was mutual. I was on cloud nine. 
Let me tell you somethings which happened within this last one month. She used to leave her building exactly at 8 am. I followed her from her building to the coffee shop near my office. Here, she would have her daily cup of coffee. Occasionally, I would also join her. Then, she would walk to her office and I never missed an opportunity to give her company in these leisure walks after coffee. In the evening too, I would wait outside her office and follow her to her building. My flexible office timings and her fixed routine gave me many chances of interactions with her and eventually, we became good friends. I always remained online on gmail, facebook and whatsapp, she would ping me and then we had our long conversations. After a couple of months, I even shifted to a building right next to her. On the weekends, I would wait the whole night to see her beautiful face in the morning holding a cup of coffee in her balcony. I think these might be my first little baby steps in the world of stalking. 

2 months later, I got the terrible news - she got transferred to Delhi. The day she was going from Pune, I proposed her on the railway station. She said long distance relationship won't work. The weight of rejection was heavy but I still managed - "Ja Simran ja, jee le apni jindagi. See you again in nayi Dilli." 3 months, 2 days and a dozen received and unreceived calls later, I was in sapno ke seher, Dilli, to meet the queen of my dreams on the Christmas eve. Ye IT wale bhi bade namune hote hain, Holi, Diwali ki 1 din ki chhutti dene me nani yaad aati hai but Christmas, New year ki hafte bhar ki dete hain. 

She was stunned on knowing my presence in Delhi but Jab We Met, we had a beautiful Christmas together. It was just like reliving Pune. We met everyday, roamed around various parts of the city and had a blast - there really was something magical between us. She was still new to Delhi and I showed her all the places I had visited during my school and college trips. I stayed everyday at a different friend's place and asked everyone not to tag me on facebook. So, I met many but no one had the slightest idea for how long I stayed in Delhi and friends seldom talk these days to spill my secret.

It was 31st December. I spent the whole day with her roaming around the isolation of Qutb Minar. In the evening, we went to Select CityWalk, Saket to have the New Year blast. As the countdown of the new year started, I proposed her. She was stunned. Everyone started wishing Happy New Year and I was still waiting for her reply. Although I knew the answer by seeing her startled face, the optimist inside me kept the hope alive. She didn't say anything and I dropped her back to her place without even a Happy New Year wish. 

In the morning, she didn't pick my calls but sent a message that we should not meet. It was a crazily deadly start to a new day or rather new year. I went to her place and messaged her I would wait outside her building till she came out to meet me. Now let me tell you something - you will never understand the pain of hopelessly waiting for 6 hours for just a glimpse of someone or the happiness of meeting her/him after that wait, if you have not done it yourself. Finally, she came out only to say that this would be the last time we ever meet. I was heartbroken. I bid goodbye to her and returned back to Pune. 

One month and 8 days have passed and we have not contacted each other since then. I still remain online everywhere in the hope that someday she will ping me to ask how I am. But I can't just wait for her. So, I have taken transfer to Delhi and hell yeah, am currently aboard a flight ✈ to the city of my lady. Wait a minute, are you calling me a stalker after roaming inside my mind-villa and going through my beautiful secret. Stalker, Me? No way! I'm just boundary challenged!!! 

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